Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Through its modest yet elegant design, our reclaimed parquet flooring embellishes living and working spaces, granting them a distinctive look while maintaining resilience and functionality. Each individual board has been rescued from wasting away in old, abandoned buildings and refurbished with great care, with the ultimate purpose of filling your spaces with an aura of rustic uniqueness.

Why Choose a Reclaimed Parquet Floor?

We source our reclaimed parquet from various places around Eastern Europe – a practice with which we have close to twenty years of experience. As such, we possess expert knowledge and know exactly how to restore this timber to its former glory so that it may create a deep sense of luxury in your living space.

The aesthetic value of reclaimed parquet flooring is simply unmatched. Though, in places, the passage of time has left its mark on the boards, we believe there is something poignantly intangible about refurbished boards and bricks. We pour our heart into the whole restoration process so that the final result can help to create a floor with a sublime feel in your home or commercial project.

Add a Sustainable, Personalised Touch to Your Interior Décor

We’re well aware of how much flooring contributes to the overall effect of designing interior spaces. Our end goal is always to provide our clients with something that will satisfy their expectations.

Choosing to rely on hardware superstores, while accessible, lacks the personal touch that we aim to preserve. Our reclaimed parquet flooring stands in stark contrast because of our strong commitment to our values:

  • Transparency: all of our products have a history, and we are very open about it.
  • Sustainability: we take pride in dedicating ourselves fully to our craft but always keep an eye out for environmental issues. Our business model relies on recycling to source our reclaimed parquet flooring, meaning we remain committed to playing our part in respecting the environment.
  • Integrity: at the core, we are dedicated to fostering trust and long-lasting relationships with our customers. As a family business, integrity forms a cornerstone of our craft, and we want to stay true to that quality in helping you conceptualize and create your ideal interior.

Though we take great care in preparing our flooring to make laying it out as easy for you as possible, prudent practice involves being prepared ahead of time. In the event of minor repairs, we recommend always having some sealers and cleaners on hand.