Reclaimed Brick Tiles

Beautiful reclaimed brick tiles that will add true character to your home or property. Sliced from old bricks from old barns and farm buildings, our tiles will be the perfect choice for you if you wish to add depth to your home, create a charming space or simply enjoy historical architecture.

Durable Reclaimed Floor Bricks for Any Weather

Are you looking for brick floor tiles that will survive any conditions? Ones that you can enjoy for years? Then, our reclaimed brick floor tiles will be the ideal solution. Coming from half-clinker bricks, which are much stronger than a standard building brick, our tiles are extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about any cracks or replacing them. Add to that the fact that they maintain their colour throughout their whole lifespan, and you get the go-to solution for your kitchen, terrace, or any other space.

Charming Reclaimed Brick Brick Floor Tiles That Will Give Your House a Soul

Building and decorating a house is just the first step. What you really need to do is give your house a character, a soul, something that will make your house feel truly unique and at home. Something like our reclaimed brick tiles.

Our unique warm or pale bricks will give your home this rustic feel, the character and soul you seek. With them, your space will truly be yours and unlike any others. A space you can enjoy, a home that is truly cosy.

Why Choose Our Reclaimed Brick Floor Tiles?

We have been supplying this flooring for over 20 years with great effect. We work with the best European companies to provide you with fine-quality reclaimed flooring tiles. With us, you get quality, aesthetics and durability all in one. So, don’t wait – contact us and get your tiles today!