Reclaimed Oak Flooring

As with most of our products, our Reclaimed Oak Flooring originates in Central Europe – the part of the world that is steeped in history and experienced a significant migration of cultures.

We first started dealing with reclaimed wood and wooden floorboards coming from this part of the world back in 1991 – firstly, as agents for some of the UK’s largest timber importers and then latterly as importers ourselves. Our first delve into the reclaimed flooring market was around the turn of the century, and the reclaimed floorboards we have brought into the UK were well received then. Now, with the knowledge and expertise that we have applied to our other reclaimed flooring products, we are importing reclaimed wood flooring from all over the continent.

Our reclaimed wooden floorboards are recovered from old farm buildings that couldn’t be saved, and for which the only possible solution was demolition. Sometimes the materials come from barns and sometimes from farmhouses themselves, but generally, they come from buildings that were used for both, in a sense that the barn and the dwelling were one property.

These buildings were constructed on a loose stone foundation. They were framed with Oak Beams and then Oak boarding was used to clad the dwelling and to compartmentalise and floor throughout. The entirety of the building is recovered to produce items that are used again. Of course, the parts that interest us are the Oak beams and the Oak boarding.

We make sure to pick only the strongest and best salvage. As is the case with reclaimed oak, it is generally much stronger, provides much more character and is of course far more sustainable than new oak. Reclaimed oak flooring, especially Rustic Oak flooring, has a variety of features gained over the years, including cracks, nail holes, checks and more, giving your apartment, house or other building an old feel and a unique atmosphere that cannot be recreated with completely new oak.

Reclaimed wooden flooring is a very environmentally-friendly option, as new life is given to something that’s been around for a while and has already served its purpose once. We care about the environment, which is why not only are our products manufactured using recycled materials, but the methods with which we obtain them are eco-friendly, so if sustainability is something that you pay particular attention to, reclaimed wood (and especially reclaimed oak flooring) will be a perfect addition to your space.

Additionally, Oak flooring is  very durable – perfect for not only homes but commercial spaces with high foot traffic. Once properly treated and maintained, the floor will serve you for years to come.

Last but not least, while it might seem that all reclaimed wood flooring looks the same, the statement couldn’t be further from the truth. We offer a number of different types of reclaimed flooring, including Dressed or Rustic Flooring, so that you can choose one that suits the decor and the style you are going for the most.

For those reasons and more, we believe that choosing reclaimed wooden floors is a fantastic option for any home or commercial project.


Getting the material is just the beginning. Once the building has been deconstructed, the reclaimed timber is moved to a finishing mill. The first step is to check the reclaimed wood for metal – usually, this consists of nails and fixings but sometimes pieces of shrapnel can be found as well. The antique Oak is then sorted by how it can be utilised. This process starts by assessing what can be salvaged to maintain its original face. This means that the next step is to separate the boards and beams.

Generally, the Reclaimed Oak Beams will be used as they are or they will be trimmed down into either solid or engineered Reclaimed Parquet Flooring, either squared or in a chevron shape. We supply this Reclaimed Parquet Flooring fully prepared.

The reclaimed wood flooring is now sorted into what can be kept with an original face and what needs to be dressed. This not only requires skill but quite a few years of experience and a good understanding of how the material behaves when further milled.

The boards are then taken off to be sliced or regularised. Depending on many aspects within the board, it is decided whether they will end up as solid oak flooring or an engineered floorboard. The solid oak floorboards are then sanded to make sure that there are no nasty splinters and that they are sharp and proud. Et voila – a finished, ready to lay Solid Oak Floorboard, either Rustic Face or Dressed Face.

The Engineered Reclaimed wood needs further treatment. The 10 mm thick piece of oak Board is taken off for further preparation. The side that is to adhere to the Birch Plywood must be completely flat, smooth and dust-free, to allow for perfect adhesion.

The two pieces above are then sealed in a vacuum chamber to ensure that there is perfect adhesion. Apart from some further sanding, we have a Dressed wood floor ready for laying.

The processes above are very similar for our Reclaimed wood Versailles Panels and our Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring.

To find out more about these and our other products, please browse our website or contact us.


We understand that choosing the flooring for your home or commercial building is not an easy choice, which is why we are here to lend a helping hand. If you have any queries, be it about the Oak, or more speicfically antique oak flooring, or another product from our offer, or have any bespoke wood flooring needs, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to communicate and accommodate any specific needs you may have.