Rustic Brick Tiles

Are you looking for floor tiles that will give your home this rustic feel? Then you’re in the right place. Our collection of rustic brick tiles reclaimed from old buildings will look just lovely in your home or on your terrace, letting you embrace the calmness of a countryside house.

Rustic Brick Floor Tiles That Will Last Ages

We’re proud to say that our rustic brick floor tiles are highly durable – both physically and in terms of colour. This means that even after 10, 15, or 20 years, they will still look as lovely as they did on day one.

What is more, our tiles can withstand any weather conditions when sealed correctly. This means that you can use them both outdoors, for instance for your countryside terrace, and indoors!

Rustic Brick Tile – A Sustainable and Lovely Solution for Your Home

Our reclaimed brick floor tiles are taken from old buildings, or as you could call it, re-used. This means that by choosing them, you don’t simply decorate your house with beautiful flooring – you give old bricks a new life. With our rustic brick tiles, you reduce construction waste, making our planet better while making your home unique. After all, none of the tiles are the same, so your house will be like no other!

Why Our Rustic Brick Tiles?

At Lubelska, we have been providing reclaimed tiles for over 20 years. We’ve gained experience in maintaining them, sealing them properly and established connections with the finest companies in Europe to acquire the bricks for our rustic tiles. We translate our experience into quality – excellent tiles that you can purchase and admire in your home. So, do not wait – contact us today, make an order and enjoy the lovely Lubelska Rustic Floor Tiles!