Terracotta floor tiles have been have been used in kitchens for centuries. A hard-wearing clay, great for areas with high foot traffic and if sealed correctly easy to clean spillage and food. It worth noting terracotta can also be used as wall tiles.

Below we show you some examples of kitchen floors we’ve supplied in our time. Most of our images below include reclaimed terracotta tiles, but we also supply handmade terracotta tiles which are a smoother and more uniform product.

There are a number of different floor tiles you can choose from, and terracotta is no different. Traditionally, people have gone for a glazed tile which provides a shine finish. However with modern day sealers you can now have a more matte finish look.

Square terracotta tiles

Below is our KY1 tiles in a new build. This open plan large kitchen has used our tiles to great effect, with an island in the middle

Below is a similar square tile but a much more traditional red terracotta floor tile with an Aga oven.

rustic terracotta tiles square kitchen country
Rectangular tiles

Below is a large rectangular tile with a pinkish look. We love the interiors of this room, especially the floral wallpaper.

KY3 large reclaimed terracotta tiles in a kitchen

Hexagonal terracotta tiles

A much lighter terracotta below in a hexagonal shape. This is a Nordic interior design look with a pale terracotta.

Herringbone Pattern

Another lighter terracotta tile but in a large rectangular tile

We love the below herringbone look of this tile in this modern kitchen. And a cute dog doesn’t hurt either!

herringbone terracotta tiles in a kitchen


In conclusion, there a number of different patterns and styles you can go for. Both reclaimed and handmade terracotta tiles in modern and rustic settings look great. All our tiles are suitable with underfloor heating.

If you have an inquiry or any questions on our tiles or kitchen ideas, or any other floors we may have, feel free to contact us.

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