This beautiful Pale Reclaimed Terracotta tile has been laid in a new build property throughout the downstairs. It covers an area of 110 sqm and is laid in an offset pattern; similar to a stretcher-bond pattern but with a square tile.

Square tiles have not been in vogue over the past few years and we have definitely seen an abundance of rectangular terracotta tiled floors recently. However, we believe that this floor has a classical feel to it and looks fantastic within a modern white kitchen and underneath antique furniture.

This reclaimed terracotta floor took 2 weeks to lay and was installed over electric, under-floor heating and walking around in stockinged feet on this reclaimed floor, one can feel the warmth generating through. Even early in the morning before the heating comes on these terracotta tiles are warm to the touch.

The floor has been laid with a very pale, grey grout and sealed with our ‘Go Protect’ Natural Sealer. Both these products complement the floor and help to maintain its dusty looking finish.

Later in the year, another 45 sqm of these reclaimed tiles will be laid outside on the terrace, giving the impression that the living spaces float through to the exterior and into the garden. This should give a seamless transition and make the house feel more spacious.

We hope that you like these photos and for more information use our contact page or give us a call on 020 3911 5526.

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